Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A Chokito a Day.......!

Makes us work, work (and I get to play a bit!)!
Does life rush past for us all? It certainly feels like it some times! Never enough hours in the day, but still, I try to take a little time to 'enjoy the moment'!
Here's a slice of the last month's moments!!

Mandy, Mick and Jack came to visit so we had our traditional paddock bbq (complete with dreadful weather!).  What great weekend!

 Somehow, Jack looks very at home on the bike!!

 Mickey in Sphynx pose!

 Scott has been very busy sowing paddocks!

Mickey again as 'King of the World'!

 I need a mum!  Thanks to our beautiful neighbour who makes the time and has the biggest heart to look after these treasures!

 George and Lewis are getting real big and still come to get their morning milk when I call!  Don't let them stand on your toe though! They are BIG kids now!!

 Crazy cat lady pyjamas at Peter Alexander!  Think I may need these! So sweet!

The Naracoorte Captured Images Camera Club has been exhibiting some of the members favourite pieces at the Naracoorte Art Gallery all May.  A few of us got into the local paper!

Charlie has adopted this seat as his particular place!  What a nice fit!

Sheep loving their grain!!!  It's getting really green around here now.  Not too much rain sadly, but we have it better than many.  Won't be long till we start getting bogged in the paddocks!

Mickey (again, he's my boy!), so handsome!

Autumn at Shepherds Way!  A lot of leaves to take care of!  Anyone like to become my gardener for free scones and caramel mud cake?

I was lucky enough to go to the Stampin' Up! Convention in Melbourne last week!  If you don't already know, I joined up as a demonstrator last year!  Stamping and papercraft supplies, ideas and gorgeous projects! Check out my web page to find out more!  Harlock Pastoral Stampin' Up!
I've had so much fun and so much inspiration and can't wait to be able to share the contents of the new Annual Catalogue with you all!  Coming out on the 1st July!  Contact me if you'd like to book a workshop!  Handmade is definitely the way to share, inspire, decorate and create! My favourite things!

This week we are marking calves as they are all getting to the size of George & Lewis (yes, they'll be done too).
So I'd better get to bed as we'll be marking most of the day tomorrow!
Nighty nite! Sweet dreams!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fun Times!

Recently we had the pleasure of my darling cousin and her family all the way from Sydney!  They got to see the farm for the first time and had a look at crutching.  Then we packed up and headed to the Flinders Ranges for a week of camping and sight-seeing!  I had always wanted to go to the Flinders and they didn't disappoint! We had lots of incredible views and went on a great station tour of 'Alpanna' station and the famous 'Skytrek' self-drive tour on Willow Springs Station!  Both involved a great deal of hard tracks so we got a great deal of 4WD-ing in!  We introduced the boys to the fun of Geocaching and found a few in our travels.

 The old Nuccaleena Copper mine ruin

 The weather was beautiful!

 Heysen Range

 The famous 'Cazneaux' Tree

Stunning views from the Stokes Hill lookout

The Skytrek tour at Willow Springs Station

Feral goats are an ongoing problem.  This one looks like his days are numbered though!

We stayed in Brachina Gorge and Parachilna Gorge, did the Bunyeroo Scenic drive, had a look at the Aroona ruins and climbed to a great view of Wilpena pound (I'm really unfit!)! Lots to do and we only covered the central Flinders Ranges!  Our camp fire cake cooking was perfected as we learnt a bit about the night sky sitting around the campfire.

Now we are back into the big workload here.  Calving is nearly finished and we are well underway with our lambing.  However, stock need hay and grain, movements must be made to different pastures, fences must be fixed and soil must be plowed and sown.  Just some of the jobs needed!

This weekend I will conduct my second Stampin' Up! workshop and I'm quite excited about it!  There is so many fun things coming up and wonderful products being released!  Check out my website 
 www.harlockpastoral.stampinup.net to learn more about whats going on!

Tomorrow night the Naracoorte Camera Club 'Captured Images' will open it's second exhibition at the Naracoorte Art Gallery!  I will have two pictures on display and one series.  I hope anyone who is nearby will get a chance to support our local group!  Some pictures are up for sale too!  I'm really enjoying the group and slowly learning about my super camera!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sheep Work

We have continued with the busy theme and been ploughing through a pile of sheep work lately! Drenching, foot pairing, vaccinating and treating, crutching, moving and feeding out! Phew! 
Mickey & Cooper have benefitted from the large amount of work and are starting to get the hang of their jobs. A way to go yet but a vast improvement from only a couple of weeks ago!

A local beauty at the new farm! Stunning!

Very cool cloud formation over the new farm!

George & Lewis are doing just fine and are great fun to play with! They've accepted a sick lamb into the yard who follows them around and seems to love the company. Lamby is much improved and we'll move her back to her wooly mates soon! 

Charlie remains tolerant of the day time shenanigans on the farm!
Everyone loves riding on the bike even when it's not going anywhere!

A new shipment of ewes in lamb. Funny to see the red dirt on them! They look positively orange in the paddock!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Busy busy busy!

Good things come to those who wait and last week I was lucky enough to have a few days with my mum at the Port Fairy Folk Festival! 
Many fantastic acts to see and I particularly enjoyed Ash Grunwald, The Good Lovelie, the Stray Sisters, The Pigs (very funny!), Breabach, Altan, Lunasa, Glen Hansard and so much more! 

This week it was straight back into the thick of it. Scanning ewes on Monday and Tuesday. Two of the most tiring and long days. Ewes did not like moving into the scanning set up and we pushed them all up all day! We were wrecked buy the time we got in that night! 
It was rather cool checking out the ultrasound images of tiny baby lambs! There was a couple of heavy passing showers that drenched us, but we soon dried out!
Thursday and Friday have seen us crutching again! 
First time crutching on our new farm. Did I mention we bought our neighbours place that is just over the drain south of us? Beautiful neighbours we are so so sad to see move away (but they're not going far!), and we'll see them often with all the community fun we have!

Mum came over after the Folkie for a few days to see how farm life is going at Shepherds Way. It's been 12months since she last saw it and 12 months since we moved in! We've been working her hard!!
Cooper and Mickey have been coming along in leaps and bounds this week! Working really well in the pens and even moving sheep down the lane! Very proud of them! 
Not much crafting going in this week!!
Righto! Back to work! More crutching to do!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

George update

Here's George and I posing for our photo. He's looking great and finished his injections. Chasing me up and down the yard with a gallop and a skip as he tries to get more milk! 
Wanna dig a hole in the garden? Ask a kelpie to help you!!! Great work Mickey!!

This weekend is the Port Fairy Folk Festival! Very excited to be seeing such a great collection of acts, enjoying the fun atmosphere, food, market stalls and bumping into loads of wonderful Warrnambool friends!! Plus my lovely mum has come all the way from Canberra to enjoy the weekend and catch up! A big thanks to my gorgeous husband for managing without me for a few days. Very, very, appreciated!! 

Sunday, 2 March 2014


Little George is surprising us and looks better each day. Two more antibiotic injections to go. He's drinking well and skipped around following me tonight. He bellows when he's hungry and inbetween slurps makes me dizzy by walking around and around me looking for the teat again. Very cute!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bulls & cattle dogs

Bull sales are fun! A great chance to catch up with locals, swap ideas and gossip, admire great bulls and lovely country hospitality. We've bought 3 bulls this week and they are fine strapping lads!!
We are also welcoming to the Shepherds Way family, our neighbours lovely kelpie 'Malcom'!! Very friendly and full of beans. This is 'TJ', on the left and 'Malcom' on the right. 
Little calf George has made it through the night and after some antibiotics and hand feeding seems to be ok, but he's still not real crisp. Fingers crossed he continues to improve! 
Now I'm in town doing a list of jobs for the boss. Car service, pick up lick blocks,  fix drill, get parts etc!! Better get going!